PDF Collaborative Leadership : How to Succeed in an Interconnected World

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By encouraging the use of a common framework for board evaluation — based on the FRC code — NEDs and executives can develop a common language to discuss the strengths, weaknesses and areas of risk for any board. One evaluation framework for all Boards? After our successful Socia event in March where a panel debated the importance of evaluation in order to improve Board performance, Governance magazine has published an article by Alex and David which summarises the main messages from this discussion.

Collaborative Leadership: How to Succeed in an Interconnected World

The article summarises the highlights from the Socia survey which compared Boards across several different sectors. This along with the output of our debate presents an argument for all Boards to consider using the UK Governance Code as a basis for all Board evaluations. Socia quoted in Sunday Times article on Boards and supply chain risks David Archer from Socia was interviewed by Carly Chynoweth for a Sunday Times article on the need for Boards to understand and manage the risk in their supply chain.

In recent years there has been a rapid growth in the number of Boards set up to govern various Foundation trusts, Academy schools, Public Service Mutuals and other forms of organisation tasked with delivering significant aspects of our public services. This is the first of a pair of articles published in Governance magazine.

Collaborative Leadership

Project Manager Today One City: Two Stadiums — Lessons Learned in Megaprojects How is it that two major projects, just a few miles apart in the same city, could result in such different outcomes? And what lessons can we learn for other megaprojects? David Archer and Alex Cameron, experts in organisational and change management across the PM space, discuss the issues raised by the comparative success and failure of the Olympic and Wembley Stadiums.

Financial Director Book extract: The rise of interdependence. ON US Independence Day , in a speech delivered in the hall where the American constitution was created, John F Kennedy chose as his subject not independence but interdependence. David Archer and Alex Cameron consider the benefits of business interdependence and how to achieve truly collaborative leadership.

Cover story for European Oil and Gas magazine Socia has written the cover story for the current issue of European Oil and Gas magazine. It is all about the challenges of identifying and managing relationship risk in the oil industry — and what this means for leaders. Many of the examples are taken from the chapter on risk on our latest book on collaborative leadership.

Journal of the Institute of Management Services article United we stand… David Archer and Alex Cameron present the case for collaborative leadership when resources are tight. Public Servant Magazine article The greatest risks are at the boundaries..

What Is a Flat Organization?

Collaborative leadership can cultivate a healthy respect for risk without letting it turn into fear. That involves recognising that just as risks are magnified at a boundary, so is the potential for innovation, say David Archer and Alex Cameron.

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David Archer and Alex Cameron believe that better collaboration can help build a stable foundation for a future UK rail strategy. What makes a collaborative leader? Read the article that HRzone have just published based on our new book. A manifesto for collaborative leadership Building strong relationships with partners inside and outside of your organisation has become a business necessity.

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In each case it proposes practical steps to help leaders and development professionals handle these issues. The new frontier In this issue of Public Service Magazine, Socia argue that public sector leaders are bringing together interconnected groups to deliver results across traditional boundaries. When Times are Tough, Check Your Partners Measure Up Business Leadership Review feature article on the book by David and Alex: Collaborative Leadership: How to succeed in an interconnected world …Across the public and private sector leaders are betting the future of their businesses on their ability to work in partnership and deliver results across boundaries….

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The five key skills of Collaborative Leaders Now that our book is published in the States, we were asked by Leadership Excellence to summarize the key skills of this particular collaborative approach Leadership which we believe is so important in these difficult and interdependent times.

See page 9 in the PDF. Participants will share how they are connecting institutional leadership with curricular and cocurricular options to ensure that all students experience global learning, using place as a lens through which to understand the world. They will examine how these campus-wide approaches can become part of the institutional fabric, and how faculty and staff are prepared, supported, and incentivized to provide students with opportunities to apply their skills in a variety of settings, at increasingly challenging levels. Together, we will interrogate how institutions are connecting their campuses with communities across the street or around the globe in response to pressing issues of global concern.

We aim to ensure that students are prepared to enhance the well-being of local and global communities and succeed in the workforce through collaboration with individuals from diverse disciplinary and cultural backgrounds, drawing on knowledge from traditional and nontraditional spaces. Join our email list.

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