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Seller Inventory More information about this seller Contact this seller. Language: English. Brand new Book. Honor Harrington has faced ship-to-ship combat, assassins, political vendettas and duels. She's been shot at, shot down, and just plain shot; had starships blown out from under her, and made personal enemies who will do anything to ruin her, and she's survived it all. Now she finds herself on board a battlecruiser bound for a prison planet aptly named 'Hell' - and her scheduled execution.

Seller Inventory BZV Book Description Baen, Mass Market Paperback. Never used!. Brand New!. Paperback or Softback. In Enemy Hands. Seller Inventory BBS Seller Inventory AAS Book Description Baen.

In Enemy Hands

Seller Inventory ZZN. David Weber. Publisher: Baen , This specific ISBN edition is currently not available. View all copies of this ISBN edition:. Synopsis About this title Honor Harrington is sent straight to the heart of an ambush that forces her to choose between watching her people killed or surrendering to the Peeps, a prospect that dooms her to execution or a lifetime of imprisonment on an inescapable planet. Very few people know war the way Honor Harrington does. Very few have lost as many men and women, as many friends, as much family, as she has.

Yet despite that, hers has been a voice of caution. She knows the Mandarins and the Solarian League Navy are growing increasingly desperate as the truth of their technological inferiority sinks home, but she also knows the sheer size of the League.

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And she knows how its citizens will react if the Grand Alliance takes the war to the League, attacks its star systems, destroys its infrastructure. Today's victory, bought on those terms, can only guarantee a future war of revenge against a resurgent Solarian League and its navy.

In Enemy Hands - Honor Harrington 7 Book Summary and Study Guide

Honor knows the Grand Alliance must find a victory that doesn't require incursions deep into Solarian space, doesn't leave a legacy of bottomless hatred, and the strategy she supports has been working. The League is sliding towards inglorious defeat as it steadily loses ground in the Protectorates and the Verge. As its central government teeters towards bankruptcy and even some of its core systems opt to secede in the face of the Mandarins' corruption. As the Solarian Navy finally realizes it cannot face an Alliance battle fleet and win.

But the Mandarins have embraced a desperate new strategy, and in pursuit of that strategy, the SLN has committed atrocities such as the galaxy has not known in a thousand years. The League have violated its own Eridani Edict against mass civilian casualties, violated the Deneb Accords prohibition on war crimes.

And they have finally killed too many of the people Honor Harrington loves. Hers is the voice of caution and compromise no longer, and the galaxy is about to see something it has never imagined.

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The Salamander is coming for the Solarian League, and Hell is coming in her wake. Series: Honor Harrington. Authors: Other books by David Weber : out of print. A Beautiful Friendship - Hardcover 1.

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