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This act also sets up the formulation and enforcement of food safety standards in India. The FSS Act is a bucket for all the older laws, rules and regulations for food safety. The FSS Act took 7 older acts into one umbrella. FSSAI has set certain guidelines for food safety research.

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The Research and Development division is responsible for research with the following objectives:. FSSAI has been mandated to perform various functions related to quality and standards of food. These functions in addition to others include "Laying down procedure and guidelines for notification of the accredited laboratories as per ISO The development of standards is a dynamic process based on the latest developments in food science , food consumption pattern, new food products and additives, changes in the processing technology leading to changed specifications, advancements in food analytical methods, and identification of new risks or other regulatory options.

Formulation of standards of any article of food under the Food Safety and Standards Act , involves several stages.


After consideration by the Food Authority, the draft standard is published Draft notified , for inviting stakeholder comments. Thereafter, taking into account the comments received from the stakeholders, the Standard is finalized and notified in Gazette of India, and implemented. A GAMA portal for concerns regarding misleading claims and advertisements too is operated.

Other criteria like the location of the business, number of retail stores etc. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved 2 April We can help get your company ready, submit the OSHA application and prepare for subsequent re-evaluations. Why participate? Human Performance leads to sustainable behavior change.

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  • Behavior based safety is often a valued component for creating a culture of safety by forming a safety partnership between management and employees. BBS can be a positive addition to encourage safe behaviors and when combined with human performance creates a shift to increase engagement, enhance energy and productivity. Also multiple factors, influences and barriers are considered rather than focusing on behaviors alone.

    These initiatives often include for example, self-checks, peer observations, and pauses. There are several elements to consider depending on the current status, issues, and goals. There are many reasons to consider ISO certification. Achieving certification is a process that will create a culture of safety, involve all workers, and establish an effective health and safety management system. A few notable nuggets are:.

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    And, safety becomes a business strategy, a key player in achieving goals and contributing to the mission. Contact us for information on the benefits of certification and our implementation process. Periodic topic review sessions provide additional skills, practice and confidence to perform during an emergency.

    In addition, we work with you to plan emergency response drills to ensure adequate responses to emergencies and solidify skills learned. Dimensions sets up scenarios, conducts drills and offers post-drill review sessions.

    We create realistic situations that provide your employees opportunities to apply their knowledge and skills, as well as understand where knowledge gaps may exist. This creates a realistic emotional experience that cannot be created with classroom training alone. Here's some evidence. After an incident, Dimensions helped an organization ensure a safe and appropriate job assignment while the employee was working to return to their full-time position.

    We realize that there have been several recent articles on the benefits of meditation and mindfulness, including in the field of safety.

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    • The interactive, streamlined design highlights important information and data on more than 20 statutes OSHA enforces. The redesign includes a new homepage Companies should assess their lockout tagout LOTO programs for gaps that may significantly impact safety.

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      We often find three significant gaps. One gap is related to accurately assessing the needs of and training for affected employees. Many employers train their Comprehensive and up to date — an indispensable resource for occupational health nursing practitioners, consultants, and managers. Developing a culture of safety and well-being is what drives commitment, engagement, and meaningful work. From this perspective safety, wellness and human resource development initiatives are integrated. Have the participants perform, and you will have a better understanding of the actual learning that took place.

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      Most people envision instructors or, more recently, computers providing information or knowledge to receptive students. This model exemplifies a transmission style of teaching where the learning process is similar to playing catch with a ball.

      A needs assessment or gap analysis can be performed in a number of ways.