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Although there are a set of challenges that are unique to female workers, female members of the armed forces face additional ones. Today, approximately 2.

The all-volunteer force is comprised of four branches, all under the auspices of the Department of Defense DOD. US Department of Defense.

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Secretary of Defense on matters and policies related to women serving in the Armed Forces of the United States. This independent entity reports that, as of July , February 28, Military members are divided into two major categories: enlisted personnel and officers.

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Women can serve in either of these capacities and in any military jobs they choose. Enlisted personnel participate in or support military operations; operate equipment, as well as maintain and repair it; supervise junior personnel, and carry out technical and support duties. Included under the category of enlisted personnel are administrative, combat specialty, construction , electronic and electrical equipment repair, healthcare , human resources development, support service, and vehicle and machinery mechanical personnel.

Women Aren’t the Problem. Standards Are.

This placement exam will test your suitability for a military occupation. The results of this test, whether you meet the physical requirements of a particular job, and the services' needs at the time will determine the job for which you will be accepted.

A high school or equivalency diploma is also required, and you must be at least 17 years of age with a parent's permission or older. Active duty members of the Army or Navy, must not be older than The maximum age for entering the Marines is New Air Force recruits can't be more than There are also several types of military officers. There are combat specialty officers who plan military operations.

Engineering , science and technical officers serve in a variety of specialties reflecting their areas of expertise, including law, atmospheric science, meteorology, biological science, and social science.

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Executive, administrative, and managerial officers oversee administrative functions in the armed forces. Healthcare officers are medical professionals such as nurses, doctors, dentists, and psychologists to name just a few. Human resource development officers are responsible for recruitment, placement, and training. Media and public affairs officers develop presentations and events for military personnel and the public. Protective services officers protect people and property on military bases and vessels. Support services officers manage logistics, transportation, and supplies.

Transportation officers' responsibilities include safely transporting personnel and equipment. If you want to become an officer, a bachelor's degree that meets the stipulations of your desired career is needed. In addition, you must meet the proper age requirements. Department of Labor. Women aren't drawn to military service for the same reasons as men.

Fifty-two percent of female recruits joined in order to pay for future education while only 39 percent of males did so for that reason. The personal and political meet in a poignant show at the Smithsonian American Art Museum. His Remains Were Finally Identified. Vincent J.

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Rogers Jr. His letters have been the focus of an exhibit in a California museum since Please email thoughts and suggestions to atwar nytimes. Or invite someone to subscribe through this link. Read more from At War here or follow us on Twitter. At War is a newsletter about the experiences and costs of war. Sign up here to get it delivered to your inbox every Friday. After years of misdiagnoses, Stephen Hopkins learned that lead in his bones was making him sick. But It Was Different for a Woman.


I faced constant sexual harassment in the corps. It was a side of the military neither of us wanted to see.

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