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The Triune God, together with the second volume, The Works of God, develops a compendious statement of Christian theology in the tradition of a medieval summa, or of such modern works as those of Schleiermacher and Barth. Theology, as it is understood here, is the Christian church's continuing discourse concerning her specific communal purpose; it is the hermeneutic and critical reflection internal to the church's task of speaking the gospel.

This volume and its successor are thus dedicated to the service of the one church of the creeds; it is for no particular denomination or con This volume and its successor are thus dedicated to the service of the one church of the creeds; it is for no particular denomination or confession. Keywords: God , Christian theology , medieval summa , Schleiermacher , Barth , church , gospel , creeds , denomination , confession. Robert W. Forgot password?

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Christian theology. Catholic Church. Eastern Orthodox Church. Systematic theology excels at efficiently assembling what the whole Bible teaches on a given topic. Bible teachers who go to places experiencing theological famine often immediately teach systematic theology because it is such an efficient way to communicate core Bible teachings.

It can package what the whole Bible says in clear, organized, succinct ways which can make Bible doctrine easier to understand and easier to remember. On the other hand, systematic theology can flatten out the diverse emphases in the various parts of the Bible and be guilty of irresponsible prooftexting citing a biblical passage to support a statement or doctrine.

Sometimes systematic theologians are guilty of plundering the Bible to support their theological system. This is one way that systematic theology is a double-edged sword: it can help you quickly identify and refute error, but that depends on how good your systematic theology is.

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If your systematic theology is itself inaccurate, then it needs to be refuted! Assuming that your systematic theology is accurate, it is very helpful for identifying and avoiding false teachers, an essential task for pastors. All Christians need to know sound doctrine so well that they can deeply encourage others with it and refute those who oppose it. Sound systematic theology is indispensable for that, but only to the degree that it is accurate. It can help you understand what the whole Bible teaches on a particular topic but get distracted by related disciplines.

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Some theologians are endlessly preoccupied with how other theologians have understood the Bible. Systematic theology works within the biblical text to see how the whole Bible coheres on a particular topic. When you do historical theology, you describe what others believed; when you do systematic theology, you build on historical theology and assert your own opinion.

It can help you do theological triage but it does not automatically churn out the right answer. Some Bible teachings are more important than others, and theological triage is the practice of determining the importance of any given doctrine within Christian theology. To simplify matters, we can think of three kinds or levels of Christian doctrine—issues that are foundational to the faith, issues that are necessary for denominational or local-church unity, and issues that are disputable and non-essential.

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Systematic theology can help you do theological triage, to discern what is first-, second-, or third-level doctrine. But the corresponding weakness for this strength is that systematic theology does not automatically churn out the right answer. Doing theological triage is not a science, but depends in part on your theological instincts.